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InvestingZone Referral Terms and Conditions

These Referral Fee Terms set out the terms on which we intend to pay you fees for referring new investors to InvestingZone platform. They apply as soon as you first use the platform, and you are deemed to be bound by them upon first use.

Relationship to Other Agreements on the Site

In addition to these Referral Fee Terms, our site Terms and Conditions apply to you and everyone else who uses the platform.  We refer to the Terms and Conditions and the Referral Fee Terms as the ‘platform agreements’. 

During the course of your use of the platform, you may be asked to agree to be bound by certain other agreements; for example if you wish to invest in a business through the InvestingZone platform you will need to agree to the relevant investment agreement. 

Referral Fees

From time to time we may have in place arrangements by which we pay you referral fees for referring investors or companies to InvestingZone. Currently, we have two referral fee arrangements in place:

Referral fees that we pay when you, as an InvestingZone member, refer a new investor to InvestingZone, we call these “Investor referral fees”. Investor referral fees are paid by bank transfer once a campaign in which the referred investor has invested reaches legal completion and all funds have been successfully transferred to the pitching company. You will be contacted by InvestingZone at this point to arrange payment.

Referral fees that we pay you when you refer a company to us and it subsequently raises capital through InvestingZone. We call these “Company Referral fees”. These fees apply if a company which you have referred goes on to successfully raise money through InvestingZone. These fees do not apply if you refer a company of which you are a shareholder, an employee or a director.

Company Referral fees are paid by bank transfer once the company has successfully closed its investment round on the InvestingZone platform, the cash funding has been received when the legal process has successfully completed. You will be contacted by InvestingZone at this point to arrange payment.

In the event that a company or investor is referred to us more than once then only the first referral received by InvestingZone will be eligible to earn referral fees.  Only referrals which are made using your unique code or link will be registered by the platform and will be eligible to receive fees under any of the above schemes.

Any or all of these referral fees are subject to change or to being withdrawn at any time and entirely at our discretion. Such changes may impact the fees payable in respect of referrals you have already made. Any new referral fee process will be described either on the website or in the form of notice to you. All referral fees will be paid gross of any tax you may be required to pay.

Please visit our Summary of Fees to see current referral fee rates.

Identification and Regulatory Requirements

We will pay your referral fees to you at the time the relevant investment transaction is completed. We may require you to pass anti-money laundering checks or other identification checks, or to satisfy other regulatory requirements, and we reserve the right to decline to pay you any referral fees until you done so. If you do not pass such checks or satisfy such requirements within a reasonable period of time, we may cancel your referral fees.


Our referral fee system is intended to encourage you to refer genuinely new investors and businesses to InvestingZone.  We therefore reserve the right to refuse to pay referral fees in respect of an individual of business that is directly connected with you.  That may include an immediate family member or a company which you control, but it may also include other relationships where we believe that payment of referral fees would be consistent with the purpose of this promotion.  The determination as to whether to refuse to pay referral fees will be made entirely at our discretion. We are under no obligation to explain our decisions.


We have made every effort to ensure that these Referral Fee Terms adhere strictly with the relevant provisions of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 and other applicable laws. However, in event that any part of these provisions is found to be unlawful, invalid and otherwise enforceable, that provision is to be deemed severed from these Referral Fee Terms and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining Referral Fee Terms. 

No Waiver

In the event that either you or we fail to exercise any right or remedy contained in these Referral Fee Terms, that does not mean you or we (as applicable) have waived that right or remedy and so shall not be construed as a waiver


From time to time we may update these Referral Fee Terms to take account of changes in the law or for any other reason. If we update these Referral Fee Terms, we will post a new version on the Website, and as soon as you use the Website after they are posted, you will be deemed to have agreed to the updated version, but you will still be bound by the terms of any previous versions to which you have agreed or been deemed to agree. If there is a conflict between two versions on the Referral Fee Terms to which you have agreed or been deemed to agree, the more recent version shall take precedence unless it is expressly stated otherwise.


If you wish to communicate with us about anything related to these Referral Terms, you may do so by send an email to


Whole agreement: Except where the rules of authorised regulatory bodies or applicable law state otherwise, the terms and conditions applicable to these arrangements shall be limited to those terms and conditions set out in these referral fee terms. No other terms and conditions shall apply.

Amendments: We may amend these terms and conditions (including changes to referral rates) from time to time. We will give you at least 14 days' notice of changes. 

English Law: Our agreement with you as set out in these terms and conditions is governed by English Law and is subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.