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Summary of Fees

InvestingZone does not charge investors any fees.

We only charges fees to companies which are successful in raising funds and it costs nothing to create a pitch.

For pitches listed after 24th June 2016, the following charges are payable by companies which pitch successfully:

Upon successful fund-raising 6.5% of funds raised.*
Transaction fees £1,500**
Payment Processing 0.5%.
InvestingZone option InvestingZone Ltd will take options over 1% of the equity issued in your funding round.

*The full fee of 6.5% + VAT will be charged on all investment raised, via InvestingZone or a third party once a company’s pitch is published on the InvestingZone platform. However, a lower fee of between 1% and 2% will be charged on third party investment already identified and about which InvestingZone has been informed prior to publishing a company's pitch.  All fees due to InvestingZone Limited will be payable together with any value added or equivalent tax thereon. 

** £1,500 is the estimated fee for processing a deal.  Higher fees may be required for more complex deals.

Please refer to our detailed schedule of Terms and Fees for more information. 

Referral Fees

Currently, we have two referral fee arrangements in place:

Investor Referral fees - where you refer a new investor member to InvestingZone, we will pay you 50% of any fees we earn on investments made by that investor for a period of 1 year from the date they register as a user.

Company Referral fees - where you refer a company to InvestingZone, we will pay you 20% (one fifth) of any fees we earn from the completion of that company's first funding round on the platform.

Please refer to our detailed Referral Terms and Conditions for more information.