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Seneca EIS Portfolio Service AML

In case of a failed electronic identity check

In order to approve your investment into the Seneca EIS Portfolio Service, please post a certified copies* of one item from List A and one item from List B** to the address described below. The Portfolio Manager is requesting this information in order to verify your identity in compliance with the identity requirements within the Money Laundering Regulation 2007.

Seneca Partners Limited
12 The Parks
WA12 0JQ

* Copies should be originally certified by an FCA-approved person, a solicitor, a chartered or certified accountant or bank official.
** Each item must be an original document, less than 3 months old, and should show your name and permanent residential address.

List A List B

Bank Statement


Building Society Statement

The statement you provide must show transactions and relate to the bank/building society account from which your payment is drawn.

Please note that statements printed via the internet cannot be accepted.

Utility Bill (not a mobile phone bill)


Council Tax Bill (for the current year)


Original correspondence or tax notification from HM Revenue and Customs.