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Investment Readiness Programme with Northco

The Northco Investment Readiness programme is not for everyone.

However, if you are serious about growing and want your company to reach the peak of its potential, then the investment readiness programme is for you. 

Because we only ever work with businesses that we believe in and with credible people, we absolutely guarantee that if you join us on the programme we will put you in front of active investors who are looking to invest in businesses like yours. 

We often invest ourselves and we are also in constant contact with our investor community, many of them are personal friends. They are keen to meet with "investable" companies and management teams. We brief them frequently about the programme and its participants. 

Our Entry Criteria

Target businesses are likely to have profits in excess of £100,000 with a track record of incremental growth. Businesses will have a durable competitive advantage in a stable and clearly defined market with a strong operational management in place. 

  • You must be serious and credible
  • We must believe in you and your business
  • Company capable of being market leaders and/ or industry disruptors
  • Significant demonstrable growth potential

The Northco Investment readiness programme provides businesses with access to a wide range of pre-investment support

It is rare that a busines is "investment ready". More often many good business are simply unfundable for a number of reasons:

  • Poor or no strategic plan
  • No credible Financial Forecasts, P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash flow, Working Capital Report
  • Operational Weaknesses
  • Management profile and experience

The NorthCo investment readiness programme takes management through a range of activities.

These range from business planning, investment strategy, sales and team development to the preparation of a hard-hitting executive summary and a compelling 'elevator pitch'. We will help strengthen your management where appropriate, and introduce non-executive support. 

Who are Northco Management? 

Launched in 2012, Northco Management are a group of top class independent executives who recognised the need for a better way to serve our clients and operate personally.

Bringing together the combined skillsets of eight high level professionals means we deliver a better level of support for our clients year round. 

We're not your standard consultancy firm 

Let's be frank, there are many accountants out there masquerading as consultants. They pick holes in the numbers and declare what needs fixing. Of course, we can also work out what needs fixing...the difference is, we then roll our sleeves up and make it happen. 

Combining strong analytical skills with clear operational focus, NorthCo executives bring deep operational experience. Our involvement will always be practical rather than theoretical, providing clear thinking and focused action.