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Start-up Financing & Angel Investment

Investing and supporting early stage companies can be the  most exciting assets you will hold particularly when you are funding marketing, expansion and leadership and can envisage the return you will realise in the long term.

Entrepreneurship and technology are part of the UK's DNA and InvestingZone engages with some great start-up companies.  With the correct financial support, some of these companies can become successful frontrunners, taking a lead role on a national and often global stage.

InvestingZone can step in where banks and venture capital funds often are unable to support startups and can really begin to help new businesses realise their ambitions.

InvestingZone's platform allows investors to get involved in this exciting space. You can browse investment opportunities, read business proposals and engage with entrepreneurs.  Use the forums to ask questions and see the companies that are attracting interested investors. Our advice is invest initially in a business model and market you understand and that have engaging entrepreneurs that are able to articulate a clear ground breaking plan, and are interesting.

Using InvestingZone, you can create a portfolio of high potential early stage investments. Start with what you know, spread the risk over a variety of sectors and stages.  Use “Portfolio Analysis” under “My Account” to manage your investments and make sure you visit our Learning Zone.


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