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Access high quality investment opportunities and invest alongside real investors, real institutions and most importantly, with the same rights. Seed to expansion, our companies go through thorough due diligence assisted by the expertise of our partners at Acceleris Capital.

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Register today

Opportunities to invest through InvestingZone are only available to self certified high-net-worth, self certified professional and restricted investors. Please take a couple of minutes to register and you will have full access to the site and will soon be receiving notifications of investment opportunities.

Step two

Create your portfolio

Investing in early stage business is risky. It is always advisable to create a portfolio so that the associated risk can be spread.

Step three

Monitor and engage

InvestingZone allows you to keep track of progress with your portfolio in your own personal portal. All companies raising funds through IZ agree to use our reporting and shareholder communication tools. These tools build the interaction between companies and shareholders that promotes good governance and control.

Latest Investment Opportunities

Reliance on the promotions below for the purpose of buying shares in unlisted companies will expose you to significant risk of losing all of the property invested. Please read and understand the risk warnings.

  • Stuff of Life Limited

    Secret Saviours is innovative wearable technology. It is the ONLY clinically proven product that can PREVENT pregnant women developing stretch marks. 

  • Acceleris Capital Limited

    An opportunity to support the growth of the UK's largest online shopping destination 

  • Supper at Home Ltd

    Supper is a healthy home-cooked food delivery marketplace. 

  • Acceleris Capital
    Redag Crop Protection Limited

    Redag Crop is an agrochemical discovery business focused on products playing a vital role in controlling the pests/ diseases threatening our global food supply 

  • Funded
    Acceleris Capital
    ADC Biotechnology Limited

    ADC Biotech's patented 'Lock-Release' platform addresses problems with the development of ADCs - the Next Generation of Blockbuster Cancer Therapeutics 


With Compelling Tax Incentives


Upfront income tax relief under the SEIS scheme


Upfront income tax relief under the EIS scheme


Capital gains tax exemption on realisation


Inheritance Tax (IHT) exemption


Maximum loss relief available


Capital gains tax deferral

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Advisory Panel and Key Investors

InvestingZone is the first platform to receive considerable support from one of the nations leading Corporate Finance Houses, Acceleris Capital.

  • Seneca Partners
  • Acceleris
  • finnCap
  • Enterprise Investment Schema Association
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    Jon Moulton

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    Bob Holt

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    Richard Manley

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    Ian Currie

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Corporate Finance, Venture Capital and Angel Networks.

Join other top tier firms in harnessing the power of InvestingZone's professional investment market and amplify your own network of investors.

Attract client companies • Invite further investment • Close more deals • Raise your profile.


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