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Raise Money and Start Up Funding for Small Businesses

Our investors are always on the lookout for great business opportunities in which to invest.
Seed to expansion, whatever stage your company is at, use IZ to create a compelling proposition and find valuable investors.

Step 1

Submit your business case

Does your business have what it takes to become a market leader? InvestingZone is looking for the best of UK SMEs with the best chance for growth. Through our close links to Acceleris and Seneca a company can potentially go on a full journey from start-up to exit. Submit the best pitch you can and we'll take it from there.

Step 2

Run your fundraising campaign

Get noticed, market yourself and drive interest to your campaign. InvestingZone does not promote your fundraise directly but will support in creation of your pitch and investment case.

Step 3

Shareholder engagement

Following completion of your fundraise, use InvestingZone's market-leading reporting tools to keep shareholders updated with your company's progress. We won't forget you on completion; InvestingZone's strong links to corporate finance will ensure high quality assistance on your pathway to further growth.

Listing Your Business - Get Equity Finance

All You Need To Know

  • Increase your company’s ability to make profitable growth and increase your public profile.
  • InvestingZone is a crowdfunding marketplace where early stage and SME companies can cost-effectively raise finance by offering shares in their business to financial investors.
  • Create a compelling pitch by describing your business idea in concise detail. Investors look for a clear business model, a clear route to exit, great management and good value. InvestingZone, with the support of Acceleris Capital, will conduct thorough Due Diligence of your company to ensure clarity to professional investors and confirm that only the best companies list on our site.
  • Once your pitch has been approved, engage with InvestingZone’s investor network and create interest. This can be achieved by participating in our investment forum and arranging investor briefings using the webinar facility on the site.
  • If you are successful in raising 100%* of your equity finance within the 60 day time frame, the deal will close and legal agreements will be drawn up between the company and investors before the money transfers to the company account.

* Please see our terms and conditions

Reporting and Investor Relations

Your shareholders are your biggest advocates, keep your investors updated with your company's progress.

We have created free industry leading, practical reporting tools. A simple format that enables you to efficiently update all shareholders. Good corporate governance helps prepare companies for future listing on the main markets.


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Summary of Fees

We only charge fees to companies that are successful in raising funds. It costs absolutely nothing to submit a pitch for review.


of funds raised

The commission is only taken if you are successful. Each fundraise will include a negotiable corporate finance fee; our relationship with Acceleris and Seneca will provide your company with market leading expertise to ensure your company achieves every success


Company Portal

Companies registered with IZ have access to our free to use market-leading reporting tools. The tools enable companies to keep shareholders updated with progress, such as headline financial numbers and statements. You can also create resolutions and capture shareholder votes easily and promptly all within your dashboard.


We also offer a suite of support items to assist in your fundraise, learn more.