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Equity Crowdfunding

InvestingZone is a leading on-line equity crowdfunding platform, aimed at unlisted companies and professional investors.  The InvestingZone platform enables and stimulates entrepreneurship by connecting investors to early stage companies who are in need of finance to help them develop and grow. Browse Investments.

It provides a secure environment for companies raising investment to manage shareholders, obtain shareholder votes, perform investor relations and network with internal and external stakeholder communities.

Investors can build and manage portfolios, vote online, track investment performance, make follow on investments and network using the platform messaging service directly with companies and shareholders.


The InvestingZone equity platform is a professional hub where the founders have a solid background in venture capital. It provides access to innovative early stage companies looking to sell shares in their business in return for investment.  It delivers an opportunity to secure funding goals from sophisticated investors that have a genuine interest in the crowdfunding route.

How it works

Companies register their investment business case on-line and are required to upload supporting information:

  • You will be required to succinctly and clearly explain your venture and the value proposition to your audience in a compelling way
  • Plan and rehearse your pitch for any possible questions and interest from investors
  • Provide effective visuals, logo and video that have impact

Early stage companies are high risk investments and are usually subject to dilution from future investment rounds. As such they require a high return of investment and a defined exit strategy; such as robust plans for an acquisition or IPO over a 3 to 10 year period. For more information visit our Learning Zone.

In return InvestingZone will ensure that the information provided is fair, clear and not misleading and that the valuation is sensible before agreeing to publish on site.