A new report produced by PWC has confirmed that women are more successful in funding their finance goals than men in all sectors and geographic regions across the globe.

While men lead more seed crowdfunding campaigns than women, female led campaigns were 32% more successful at reaching their funding target than male-led campaigns.

The PWC and The Crowdfunding Centre report: Women Unbound: Unleashing female entrepreneurial potential’ explores the experience of women in achieving finance through crowdfunding compared with traditional financing routes.

The report findings, which are based on two full years of seed crowdfunding data (2015-16) tracked by The Crowdfunding Centre, include the results of over 465,000 seed crowdfunding campaigns from nine of the largest crowdfunding platforms globally.

The Key findings also include:

  • This analysis of over 450,000 seed crowdfunding campaigns from nine of the largest global crowdfunding platforms shows that female-led campaigns were 32% more successful at reaching their funding target than male-led campaigns
  • While men typically seek higher funding targets, female-led projects achieve a greater average pledge amount than male-led projects: on average each individual backer contributes $87 to women and $83 to men (a difference of almost 5%)
  • Even in more male dominated sectors, such as the technology sector, where there are nine male-led campaigns to every one female-led campaign, female-led campaigns are more successful, 13% to 10% respectively
  • The US and the UK are the most thriving countries for seed crowdfunding with the largest volumes of campaigns. In both countries, 20% of male-led campaigns reached their targets compared with 24% and 26% of female-led campaigns respectively
  • However, men continue to use seed crowdfunding substantially more than women and raise substantially more finance than female-led campaigns; 89% of campaigns raising over $1 million were male-led campaigns compared with 11% of female-led


Founder of InvestingZone and proud female entrepreneur, Jean Miller, comments;

“It’s really uplifting to see that this new democratised world of funding, with old traditions taken out of the equation, have seen this incredible and unexpected result."

"I believe the impressive figures back up our true belief in women entrepreneurs at Investingzone. We continue to see and work with talented female business owners across a number of sectors and are consistently impressed with all that we meet with. Take for example BiVicTrix therapeutics who successfully raised funds through InvestingZone alongside some major institutions last year, the founder and CEO Tiffany Thorn not only showed unrivalled intelligence in inventing such an incredible therapeutic innovation, but her tenacity and determination came to the fore. To successfully raise SEIS funds alongside institutions was one of our best deals yet."

"I think this result should be viewed as a major opportunity socially as well as practically with the potential for far reaching impact across a multitude of sectors."

"I must conclude, however, that it is still concerning that around 75% of all crowdfunded campaigns are not successful in raising the investment needed at all. We must all work together to keep encouraging entrepreneurs of whatever gender, race, age etc. in successfully finding finance for their business and driving the UK economy.”