To the InvestingZone Network,

Thank you very much for registering with the InvestingZone platform. I am writing to advise that Acceleris Capital has recently merged its activities with InvestingZone and is looking forward to working with you to support entrepreneurial activity throughout the UK, through the provision of a wide range of investment opportunities.
I am the CEO and founder of Acceleris Capital and have been arranging investments into UK based SME’s since 2000. Acceleris are serious about supporting exciting business ventures and is a member of the Seneca Partners Group of companies. As a group, Seneca invested over £38m of equity in the last year into start-up, early stage, development and EIS qualifying IPO transactions. Seneca is a fully FCA regulated corporate finance and investment advisory firm based in locations across the north of England.

We've done it before

Despite much noise, equity crowdfunding is not a new proposition. Offline crowdfunding is the basis of angel investment into British SMEs and we at Acceleris have direct experience. For 16 years we have been offering high quality investment opportunities to a large network of High-Net-Worth and sophisticated investors. In this time we have taken companies from start-up to exit, thorugh trade sales or market listing, each time securing significant returns for investors. These once start-ups now go from strength to strength providing hundreds of jobs across the UK. 

Investor Value

When offering an investment opportunity to a number of individuals, offline or online, the investor needs to see their future value clearly. Keep an eye out for the class of shares and the valuation. Easy things to recommend yes, but quite hard to understand and enforce. At InvestingZone, supported by Acceleris' experience, we only offer our investors ordinary shares with full voting rights. This allays the threat of dilution and gives you a say in the company you support. We structure our investments so they are ready for further funding, this long term plan ensures the company is geared for growth but more importantly for the investor, the company will be geared for exit. 

What kind of companies do we look for? 

Across the entire Seneca Group we receive a lot of investment opportunities. When I say a lot, I really do mean it. The northern regions are thriving, the south-east remains strong and there is a very exciting trend for nationwide entrepreneurialism encouraged by alternative mentods of finance. Identifying quality from this pool is a challenge, but we pride ourselves on our thorough evaluation process followed by expert due diligence. 


  • Address a large or fast growing market sector
  • Possess a demonstrable competitive adviantage with a strong patent position where appropriate
  • Operate a sound business model
  • Deliver high margins
  • Have a strong and experienced management team
  • Be attractive exit candidates
  • Have a high return potential


We can work together

Please take a look at our websites, there is a wealth of content and case studies showing our work. Investingzone is an exciting opportunity for you to support high quality investment opportunities with potential to enter the Seneca life-cycle to growth. Sign up today and if you have any questions, please do get in touch. 

Norman Molyneux
Norman has been assisting SME’s with start-up, development and scale-up funding for over 20 years through his role as the founder and chief executive of Acceleris Capital and as a board member of Seneca Partners Limited. Norman is a qualified chartered management accountant and has extensive experience with both SME and multinational companies. This experience is invaluable for his position on the University of Liverpool Management School Advisory Board, the North-West London Stock Exchange Advisory Group and he also acts as a non-executive or in an advising role to several of the client companies supported by Acceleris.