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Harness the power of crowdfunding to amplify your network of investors and close more deals


By subscribing as an affiliate with InvestingZone you will gain access to our market leading equity crowdfunding platform, allowing you to create pitches to raise money from the crowd for your deals. As well as appearing on InvestingZone's main pitch listing pages, pitches you create will be listed on your own branded page which you can share with your existing investor network.

FCA authorised affiliates (who can approve financial promotions themselves) will retain 5% of InvestingZone's standard 6.5% success fee on funds successfully raised through the platform.

How it works


Quick and easy registration


Create pitches for the companies you want to promote


Promote your pitches to generate interest


Pitch reaches target, money is transferred and fees are sent to your account

Why use InvestingZone?

Thousands of people are now using Crowdfunding to find quality investments.
With InvestingZone it's easy for potential investors to find your client's pitch. They even benefit from InvestingZone's transactional facilities and free investment monitoring tools making the whole investment experience enjoyable and effortless.

As a high visibility equity crowdfunding platform, InvestingZone has the capability of reaching thousands of potential investors. We are regularly featured in the media and our aim is to make early stage investing fair and straightforward so more people feel comfortable about investing in young companies. This means that companies you list have a better opportunity of attracting investment whilst at the same time raising their public profile.

Where possible, InvestingZone will promote companies we judge suitable in the media to thousands of registered investors. Companies that you list are tagged with your firms' logo and it is in your interest to list good investments, presented clearly so your firm creates a following.

Benefits of listing on InvestingZone

  • Convenient FCA regulated equity platform
  • Raise the profile of your firm on a highly rated investment platform
  • Low risk low cost route to crowdfunding
  • Free access to easy transactions and fulfilment
  • Low subscription fee and no product listing fee
  • Access to thousands of investors
  • Easy to use tools to monitor companies post-investment

Subscribe today

With a low flat-rate subscription you can stay on top of your investment strategy without worrying about any surprise costs.

If you are FCA regulated, the Affiliate service run by InvestingZone costs only *£750 (excluding VAT) per quarter.

Unfortunately we are not able to accept non regulated companies.

Earn 5% on investment raised through the platform, InvestingZone retains 1.5%*
* View our affiliate agreement for details.

View our Affiliate agreement.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team to discuss how you can become an affiliate of InvestingZone, please call us on +44 (0) 20 3026 1596.  We would love to hear from you.

* £750 relates to a promotional annual upfront fee of £3000. The fee will increase to new users after the promotional period has ended.